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Net-Gross-Calculator for Germany: Calculate your net salary

This Net-Cross-Calculator is real magic!

Well … at least for your salary calculation. After all: It’ s quite easy to rack your brains by pondering your salary. Gross is not equal to net, right?

If you haven’t earned any money yet, you can easily remember the difference: The salary you discuss with your boss is gross. Wage tax and social security contributions drain off. The result is net and that’s the cash you’ll find in your account.



How this Net-Gross-Calculator works

  1. From gross to net: this is handy if you want to take a new job and negotiate the annual gross amount. Or when you manage to get a salary increase. Unfortunately 500 EUR extra gain in the appraisal interview shrinks noticeably on the way to your wallet.
  2. From net to gross: If you want to be able to spend some more money, choose the (right) calculation type. Assuming you want to earn 500 EUR more net monthly. The gross net calculator will then calculate the amount your gross salary must rise monthly or yearly.


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