About me

Wondering how long it takes you to find a job after Masters Degree in Germany?


Wondering if you’ll make it?

Not sure what works (best) to get a job?

Rather take ‘Algorithm’ instead an interview in German?

If you want to make it in Germany, you need to know the rules of the game.

Let me help you understand how to get through the weird job-searching jungle in Germany.

Over the last twenty years I supported candidates of all ages, professions and nationalities to start a job. And make the probation period.

Success in Numbers

From Paderborn University I’ve guided more than 210 graduates to land a job in Germany. Since 2014 many of them moved up the ladder. Or moved on to another employer and in a job that suited them better. Many of them have married and live with their partner and familiy in Germany.

Over the years I’ve worked in many diverse projects in recruiting, guiding and coaching. Numbers are not my friend, but I’ve worked with some 100 – 150 persons each year.

I helped them to find a job or switch jobs.

Helped them in solving career related issues like personal, team or health problems.

You deserve quality advice

You can be sure that all my guiding and the information I provide is a result of my professional experience. Be careful whom you believe. There are many so-called experts in the internet. Double-check who tells you what and for what reason.

The stakes are high.

Job searching should be easier.


With impulses for a shortcut.

With motivation to go on through the wastelands.

Reaching one milestone after another.

Celebrating success.

For me it’s awesome to watch individuals grow. Grow in self-confidence, develop personality and gain independence in a new environment. It makes me more than happy to look back and realize with full surprise how successful a person has become.

MINT – Making your career in Germany

In 2014 I developed the program “MINT-Make your career in Germany”, which in the form of a project is run by the consulting company GPDM. In 2019 there will be a new batch starting in September for graduates in a technical study course in Paderborn.

For further information about the MINT-Program and it’s updates as well as further tipps on how to get a job in Germany please register for my newsletter.

Stay awesome! Herzliche Grüße


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